Vector Web Setup uses Web Bluetooth which requires Google Chrome. See Mozilla's compatibility table for details.

Choose the stack you want to use

There was an error loading the settings.json file. To view the file click here

1. Place Vector on his charger.
2. Double-press Vector's button and then click "PAIR WITH VECTOR."
Wait until Vector finishes restarting, then click "PAIR WITH VECTOR." If Vector doesn't connect automatically, try double-pressing Vector's button.

Enable auto-setup flow.
Error trying to connect Vector to wifi.

Don't see your network? Click to join custom.

Authorize vector with the account
used in Vector Mobile app


Reset Password
Create Account
Create a new account


Choose a timezone

Choose temperature unit

Choose distance system

Enable Amazon Alexa.
Allow Digital Dream Labs to upload anonymized logs to improve Vector.

Choose the image to upload

No OTA's present in firmware folder. Try "vector-setup ota-sync" to sync all otas present in inventory.json file. To view the file click here

Error while updating Vector.

Updating Vector...

Vector setup is complete!

Update completed. After Vector reboots, you will need to discover him again.

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