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VEP4 - Logging

Summary: Changes to the logging scripts, configuration to local servers. This is to modify the servers to use for the logging, crash dumps, and similar. Events/logs will no longer be sent to AWS, or

Authors: Randall Maas

This a draft proposal (to be filled in) on how to modify Vector config files and scripts to send logging and crash dumps to a server of our choosing.

  • Logging
  • Trace information
  • Server
  • Settings
  • DAS optin/optout

Replace /anki/bin/vic-log-upload

  • moving aside, /anki/bin/vic-log-upload since it just does AWS, S3://
  • put in something that can contact our local server


  • server_config.json
  • log uploader


See How change where Vector sends the logs for example changes to the configuration files.

Change history synopsis

Date Change
2020-11-17 Created